Monday, 15 April 2013

Emergency chemical and oil spill cleanup service

Risk management has now becoming an important component for many corporations nowadays, in different operation units. In recent years, Dunwell has been providing one–stop chemical waste management to government departments, public enterprises, and transportation-related industry. In particular, we offer emergency spill clean up standby service which is tailor-made for our clients who require specialized emergency response and spill clean up service.
On request, our team will be at standby status; upon occurrence of contingencies such as chemical spillage and/ or oil leakage, our team will then provide immediate and fast response to perform remediate services that can remove the pollutants and restore the original conditions. Our professional teams are well trained and have the expertise in treating chemical waste and oil spill, we provide our customers with round-the-clock and one-stop service to solve contingent spillage at any time, allowing clients to focus on their own business and operations. Our solution can greatly reduce the financial or reputational loss caused by both man-made and natural chemical spillage, which helps clients to achieve a better corporate social responsible standard.

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